Hello! My name is Alex.

2023 Update: I’m writing for a new project called Transpositions, which is focused on a broader set of experiences and stories about gender identity and exploration. MtF Handbook will stay up as a resource, however I’m not actively adding new content at this time.

I’m 39 and I started my transition in 2018. I struggled with gender dysphoria for my whole life before coming to terms with who I really am. By that point, I had a wonderful marriage with two kids, and a successful career as a technology entrepreneur and investor.

Like so many who explore their gender identity later in life, I was committed to honoring who I had been and the relationships I’d created as my male self, while at the same time struggling to navigate the realities of transitioning with a family and career I wanted to continue to grow.

I’m fascinated by systems and the interconnection of people, technology and culture. Changing genders is the ultimate ‘self-hack’, and early on I realized that so many of the resources out there were focused on younger women who were navigating earlier life stages.

As my journey progressed, I began collecting my experiences and hard-won lessons in order to share, and the MtF Handbook was born.