Transition with Confidence

Welcome to the MtF Handbook! Like any good adventure, exploring gender identity requires preparation, planning and learning new skills. The Handbook is your guide to what you need to learn, and a helpful resource on how to overcome the challenges you encounter along the way.

2023 Update: I’m writing for a new project called Transpositions, which is focused on a broader set of experiences and stories about gender identity and exploration. MtF Handbook will stay up as a resource, however I’m not actively adding new content at this time.

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Options for MtF Balding and Hair Regrowth

Most women want a full head of long, luxurious hair. But, if you are an older trans woman, you probably have had to deal with Male Pattern Baldness, or androgenetic alopecia. A spectacularly unfortunate side-effect of Testosterone, MPB is a particularly common challenge to overcoming dysphoria and achieving the look you want. It is estimated…

Best Sports Bras for MtF Bodies

Sports bras are a necessary part of any MtF wardrobe: they’re comfortable, concealing (if you want), and provide needed support as your boobs grow. But finding the right sports bra can be a challenge, especially for trans women. As I’ve written about before, the post-pubescent male ribcage is wider and deeper than the equivalent cis…

How to Support a New Trans Person

If you enjoyed this post, please consider supporting the Handbook by becoming a Patron. Just $1 helps to support the site and ensure we can keep adding new resources for trans women. Thank you! Transitioning genders is complex, emotional process, especially at the beginning. Most trans people have a circle of friends and family that want to support them,…

Latest from the Handbook

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