Your MtF Starter Kit

Transitioning from male to female can be an intimidating and expensive process. I’m constantly on the hunt for new products and resources that make your life (and my own) easier. If you choose to buy any of the products below, I earn a small commission to support the site. But I didn’t receive any money from the products below for placement.

Please let me know in the comments if there are topics you’d like to see added to the list!

Things to Buy

Early Stage Bras and Compression Undershirts

Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Easylite Seamless Wireless Bra
Underworks Microfiber Compression Shirt
Vislivin Shelf Bra Tank
Best Sports Bras for MtF Bodies
Sports bras are a necessary part of any MtF wardrobe: they’re comfortable, concealing (if you want), and provide needed support …
Beginners Guide to Tucking
For many trans women, being able to wear the clothes you want without the ‘bulge’ is an important part of …


MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation
bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream
NYX Eyebrow Gel
MtF Makeup: Foundation Tips
If you are new to makeup and want to know what to focus on first, the answer is easy: foundation. …
MtF Transition: Three Options for Facial Hair
Facial hair is a pain. Unfortunately, as a trans woman, you’ll have to deal with whiskers, in some shape or …

Hair Removal

Tria Laser Hair Remover
Braun Silk-épil Hair Removal for Women
Nylea Tweezers Set
MtF Basics: Shaving your legs
So, this seems like a silly post: how hard can shaving your legs be? Well, it turns out shaving your …
MtF: The Complete List of Everything You Need to Learn
When I first decided to transition from male to female, I (naively) thought that it was as easy as growing …


12” Lace Front Hombre Wig
22” Lace Front Wig
Three Tips for Choosing Your MtF Wig
If you are transitioning from male to female, you have probably considered getting a wig. Whether you have short hair …
Options for MtF Balding and Hair Regrowth
Most women want a full head of long, luxurious hair. But, if you are an older trans woman, you probably …


Unclockable Tucking Tape
Basic Thong Gaff
Bikini Gaff

Beginners Guide to Tucking
For many trans women, being able to wear the clothes you want without the ‘bulge’ is an important part of …

Body Measurements

Renpho Body Fat Scale
Accu-measure Fitness Calipers

Basics of MtF Weight Cycling
If you enjoyed this post, please consider supporting the Handbook by becoming a Patron. Just $1 helps to support the …

Waist Trainers

The best waist trainer to buy
Workout Waist Trainer

MtF Waist Training Basics
For many trans women, developing a feminine figure is a key milestone to feeling comfortable with their body. We all …

Things to Learn

Changing your voice

Applying Makeup

Doing Your Hair


Things to Do

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